Perseid showered

August 12th, 2012

Where you able to see any falling meteorites early this morning?  As I understand it, tonight is the peak for us on the West Coast (Aug 12-13).


I guess it was around 4:30-5:00 am when I woke up and looked outside my window.  The sky was a little too bright and I didn’t see very many, but it sure was a beautiful site to see the waning crescent Moon with bright Jupiter, Aldebaran, and the Hyades star cluster.  


From Sky Calender:  

Jupiter is 4° to 5° lower left of the Moon from mid-U.S. (The Moon occults Jupiter by 12 noon from Hawaii). Aldebaran is just over 5° S of Jupiter. There is a triple conjunction of Jupiter and Aldebaran in 2012-2013, in each case the planet going N of the star.  Venus will be 22° lower left of Jupiter.  Within half an hour, watch for Mercury (mag. +0.9), rising 28° lower left of Venus, and Procyon, rising 15° right of Mercury.

Mon. Aug. 13, one hour before sunrise: Venus appears within 4° E of the waning crescent Moon from mid-U.S. This is a perfect day to use the Moon to follow Venus long into daylight hours. The Moon occults Venus in afternoon from most of North America, between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. PDT from U.S. West Coast but just before moonset from E coast.

For a map and timetable of disappearance and reappearance, visit







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