Happy New Year to You

Happy New Year to You!  Happy New Year to Everyone.  I wish good health and good luck to all.  May everyone find love and good fortune in abundance in 2016.


I myself am happy to welcome the new adventures 2016 may bring.  I confess I am more than happy to slam the door on 2015.   It was a trying year for me –  a bit more challenging for me than most years I’ve spent in the body, and it was packed with lessons on the human level.  A big majority of the time was dealing with the ramifications of a poor decision I made 18 months ago.  The lesson has been a long journey as it has snowballed into many aspects of  my human self.  I can thankfully say the consequences of my own action that created the struggle are almost behind me now.

The year has definitely changed me.  I don’t feel quite so young and carefree as I have felt up to the event as I have felt heretofore walking in this body on earth during this birth cycle.  One could say, I finally grew up.  And that too, has produced it’s own lesson on reality.  I recognize it -the growing up, and must accept the knowledge of it/ and the change and / accept the chance to learn and grown from the lesson and yet, at the same time I know while I honor the lesson I also must try not to own the “time/maturity” so I don’t inadvertently propel my physical self forward in age.  I must grow up and yet, I know I can’t adopt the mentality if I wish to keep an ageless nature.   Recent lessons require an awareness of who I am at this point in time, and  yet my non-physical self knows I am not my body.

Yes, I’ve certainly changed.  For some who looked to me for guidance during 2015, I know there were disappointments. I am sorry for that.  I know I wasn’t consistent In my presence.  I haven’t always been logical as I’ve spent so much time in the body as an emotional being.

I can only hope to do better for 2016.  In the past, my physical self and my “non physical” reality would sometimes intersect in harmony while I was in the body, but more often than not, I displayed extreme swings of reality and judgment/action based on the state of one or the other, rarely working together in consciousness while in the body.  I was either too emotional as my human self, or too removed from being truly human.

The lessons of 2015 weren’t all just about the physical body but they did seem to manifest around body knowledge – as my human self in the body and as my higher self and how to exercise my abilities in the human body, while conscious on the human level.  I thank 2015 for the journey that has made me stronger in knowledge of myself in both realities, on the present plane.

I look forward to continuing to grow in 2016 as I gain more strength in recognizing, accepting,  honoring and utilizing all the skills I have mastered and those I am discovering.  And I hope the journey leads me to being a better being, in the body and out. And mostly I hope my growth allows me to be of help  to others I may come in contact with this year – the ABs, the OBs, the SBs, the RBs, and the HBs.

Many blessings to all. May 2016 be full of wonder for us all.


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